What is Cat Sushi?


A Healthy Treat

Cat Sushi is a healthy, delicious, single-ingredient treat cats seriously love.

A Mixer

Great as an appetizer. Cat Sushi can be mixed with dry and wet food.


Healthy + Enticing

Cat Sushi is made from 100% Tuna, so it is high in protein and low in fat, not to mention delicious.


Large Flakes

Before our katsuo flakes become Cat Sushi they are carefully sifted to select only the largest flakes.

How It’s Made

Cat Sushi is simply Katsuobushi for cats, a hugely important food in Japanese cuisine which is used in all types of foods, from sushi to soup. Katsuobushi is made from Katsu (Skipjack Tuna) in an ancient process in which the fish is slowly dried, before being sliced into extremely thin pieces with a Bonito Shaver.

  • Min Crude Protein 76%
  • Min Crude Fat 1%
  • Max Crude Fiber 1%
  • Max Moisture 12%

Nutritional Facts

Cat Sushi is naturally high in protein and low in fat, making it both a delicious and healthy treat.


Cat Sushi was first made many years ago for a wonderful store cat named Emma. This is our new cat, Sasha – chief of taste testing and sun-bathing.

Get it now!

Find Cat Sushi at your local independent pet store, or buy it here.